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For the record, this blog began on May 26, 2016. The archives, however, contain a slew of posts carried over from previous political blogs I have owned and loved. I did this to show you that I didn’t just suddenly start blogging on politics because of my keen interest in the 2016 election; and so that there would be some depth to the blog if and when I decide to start actively promoting it.

Over the years I haven’t been able to blog consistently on this topic. Why? Well to paraphrase Barbie, political blogging is hard! Why?

1. Very few people care about sound political arguments. So much of it is just pure vitriole and empty snarky comments. I’m not saying I don’t partake, I’m just saying that’s how it usually goes.

2. It’s exhausting, because it’s mostly negative. And I have a tough time maintaining my stamina and enthusiasm for anything so inherently filled with hate. But it’s also sort of like a horrible spectacle of any other kind – it’s hard to stay away, especially when you feel strongly about many aspects of it.

2. There are no un-spun raw facts to be had by the average person. I don’t care who your sources are – they have an agenda. And anything you hear and report comes through the filter of that source’s agenda. Any time I report on something, whether it’s first-hand knowledge or quoting the newspaper or some other source, I keep that in mind. And you should too.

3. Too many Americans admit to getting their news from comedians who think that the funny bits they used to do in their standup routines equate to “speaking truth to power.” And who, frankly, have no more interest in speaking truth than your average Congressman. And who, furthermore, hide behind the “I’m just a comedian” shield whenever someone challenges some particularly nasty or patently false thing they’ve said on the political stage. Here’s the deal with me and humor: I know I’m not a comedian. It doesn’t stop me from occasionally trying to be funny.

All of that said, there are certainly some very good political bloggers out there. I’m not one of them, but I’ve loaded the most annoying posts from my old political blogs anyway. I’ve even back-dated them so they fall into the right spot in the archive and are in context in the time-space continuum. If you’re reading something that doesn’t make sense – it doesn’t feel “current” – be sure to check the date. Could be it’s in response to something that happened a few years ago. Isn’t that special?

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