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National Park Service Twitterers go rogue

This week employees of the National Park Service got their collective panties in a bunch when the Trump administration insisted they stop tweeting climate change “facts” via the official Park Service Twitter account. Their response was to create an “alt” … Continue reading

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Tax chart comparisons for Clinton and Trump plans

Fox News shared this graphic today on Twitter, which shows proposed income tax rates under Hillary Clinton’s plan.   Because no comparison to Trump’s plan seemed immediately forthcoming, I was able to ferret out the information and compile it for … Continue reading

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Hillary’s moment

Depending on how things shake out, Hillary Clinton could become our country’s first woman president. The Democrats last week took great pride in their “historic” nominating convention, but they had to be mindful of┬áthe┬álabel “first.” It seems that Clinton is … Continue reading

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Things are not looking good for ‘weird dude’ Tim Kaine


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Leaked DNC voicemails reflect frustration, hysteria of election cycle

After the Wikileaks dump of some 20,000-plus emails that turned out to – surprise – show DNC staffers rigging their election process to ensure that Hillary Clinton got the nomination, another dump occurred this week during the Democratic convention consisting … Continue reading

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Chelsea-Ivanka grudge match

There was some chatter today about whether Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump should get together for a “summit meeting” of sorts, and talk about their parents running for president. I think it’s a great idea. I’ll even participate! I’ll be … Continue reading

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Obama’s legacy: the abusive spouse

Watching President Obama deliver his convention address in Philadelphia last night, I was both captivated and horrified. Obviously, he is a very effective orator even if all you hear are his cadence and modulation, and all you see are the … Continue reading

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Also not a thing: the Pledge on Prompter

Look, there was plenty to moan about on day 2 of the liberal love fest going on in Philly last night, but one thing that isn’t a thing is putting the Pledge of Allegiance on the teleprompter. Think about it: … Continue reading

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Build bridges, not walls… oh wait…

The Democrats love to loathe Donald Trump and his proposed wall down at the southern US border (“We’re gonna build a wall, it’s gonna be a terrific wall…”). They claim it’ll never work to keep out the unwanted illegal immigrants … Continue reading

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Calm down… Taco Bowl isn’t a slur

Regarding the DNC email leaks, I’m certainly all for exposing real bigotry wherever it exists. But I don’t think they’re calling Hispanics “taco bowls” in the tweet referencing taco bowls. I think they are meaning to get more “engagement” online … Continue reading

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