RTB’s mission is to offer thought-provoking and/or humorous articles and “short-takes” about political, social and cultural events taking place in the United States. In other words, bursts of sarcasm mixed in with creepy personal manifesto.

I’m a mid-western gal, born-and-raised… I work to live (not live to work). Although I was born to respect and not question Authority, I’ve found over the years that Authority doesn’t always tell the truth. Doesn’t always deserve my respect. And needs to be questioned regularly and relentlessly.

Right Thinking Blog exists for a very simple dual purpose: to serve as a repository of my attempts to talk back to the world about politics, current events, and social/cultural influences, and to hear what others have to say on those topics.

It goes without saying, because this is a blog, after all, that whether you agree or disagree with the things you read here, you’re welcome to add your 2-cents’ worth via the comments. I do ask that you keep things civil, meaning simply the following:

1. Comments that I deem needlessly hateful will be unceremoniously deleted.
2. Creepy personal manifestos other than my own will be reported to the cops, then unceremoniously deleted.
3. Unattended children will be held up for public ridicule, then unceremoniously deleted.


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