National Park Service Twitterers go rogue

This week employees of the National Park Service got their collective panties in a bunch when the Trump administration insisted they stop tweeting climate change “facts” via the official Park Service Twitter account. Their response was to create an “alt” account and move their tweeting activity to the new account. Other agencies such as NASA soon offered up solidarity by creating their own “rogue” Twitter accounts. This graphic from the Facebook page “Really American” sums up the week:

National Parks Rogue Tweets | Right Thinking Blog

The new administration stating what should and should not be sent over official channels (such as “official Twitter”) is not “corrupt censorship.” It is a difference of opinion about the issue of climate change, manifested in terms of what gets tweeted out in an official capacity.

With any channel, it is the account owner’s prerogative and responsibility to monitor and manage what gets communicated under their name. As savvy Twitter users, the Park Service staff should have understood things might change with a new president. Crying over “corrupt censorship” is just another example of people being unable to accept that opinions exist beyond their own.

My snarky alter-ego would add… that if the Surgeon General or the Health & Human Services teams were using their official government Twitter accounts to tweet pro-life facts, these same people would be on the other side arguing for some censorship.


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