Leaked DNC voicemails reflect frustration, hysteria of election cycle

After the Wikileaks dump of some 20,000-plus emails that turned out to – surprise – show DNC staffers rigging their election process to ensure that Hillary Clinton got the nomination, another dump occurred this week during the Democratic convention consisting of 29 voicemail messages. After exhaustive research working round the clock, we’ve compiled the following about the leaked voicemails:

  • Of the 29 voicemails in the leak, 26 were people who could be heard screaming, “SPEAK TO A HUMAN. SPEAK TO A HUMAN. I WANT TO SPEAK TO A @#$ HUMAN!!”
  • Two of the voicemails were Eric Trump: “Is your refrigerator running? Good, because it’s a better candidate than Hillary Clinton!”
  • And one message was simply Bernie Sanders asking Debbie Wassermann Schultz to “call me back ASAP.”
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