Build bridges, not walls… oh wait…

The Democrats love to loathe Donald Trump and his proposed wall down at the southern US border (“We’re gonna build a wall, it’s gonna be a terrific wall…”). They claim it’ll never work to keep out the unwanted illegal immigrants and the drugs.

So imagine the surprise of the conservative Twitterati when, instead of open borders at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, they found… wait for it… WALLS!

Big ones, surrounding not just the actual venue, but a much wider perimeter around the venue. Trying to create a “safe space,” I suppose. Or something.

And not just outside, but INSIDE, as if they felt that those on stage needed protection from the unwashed masses on the floor.


Democrats kick off their convention, an event they will use in part to mock GOP nominee Donald Trump’s “stupid wall,” from behind a wall.

But never fear, folks on Twitter are VERY quick to help a brother out. It didn’t take long for someone to post this, along with the tweet: “…I fixed it for you…”


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