The last four years have sucked

Obama | Right Thinking BlogIt’s been almost four years since I last posted on this blog.

In my last post, I was rending my garments and gnashing my teeth over the re-election of Barack Obama. I stated that I was proud to have supported Mitt Romney and hinted that perhaps I would be commenting periodically on Obama’s second term as it unfolded.

As things progressed, though, I found that my heart was just not in it. The simple fact for me is that Obama can do nothing right. I despise him. He does not represent me – in fact he has stated that I and my Republican ilk are his enemy.

I did sit down a couple of times to write about a thing here or there. But mid-way through I would pause and ask myself, what’s the point? Why get worked up by and mired down in this bullshit when it isn’t going to change anything?

With that in mind, I ultimately decided that I did not want to wallow in the muck of Obama’s second term by blogging about his constant mistakes and damaging rhetoric. After all, there are people far more dedicated to, and better equipped for, that job than I.

Suffice to say that I believe Obama has damaged this country to a heart-breaking degree. In fact, I believe he is the most damaging President to have served thus far in my lifetime.

BUT… and like my own ever-widening ass this is a big BUT – I am still more politically aware and engaged, as an observer, than most Americans. Any installment of “Watters World” proves this point.

In politics, and by extension our culture since it is shaped at least in part by politics, I know that sometimes there is cause for celebration, sometimes there is humor, and sometimes there is frustration that runs so deep it has to be exorcised. That’s what this blog is about. That’s its purpose. It’s my repository – or if you prefer, “dumping ground” – for my political ramblings.

And now that we are mercifully only a few months away from electing Obama’s replacement, I’m hopeful there’ll be something to blog about besides Obama himself.

Even better that our choice seems likely to be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If THAT doesn’t sound like a rollicking good time to you, well, you might be dead.

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PPS – Obama can shove his Hiroshima apology straight up his ass.

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