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Voting Booth | Right Thinking BlogFacebook was an interesting place today – far from being devoid of political posts, my feed still ran a full gamut of opinions, celebrations, critiques and gnashing of teeth.

As for me, right now it is 6:30 pm on the night after the election. I am not yet at a point where I can shrug my shoulders and say, “Ah well, it’s over, just let it be, life goes on.” For you see, it is not just about America having this wonderful system of free elections, bought and paid for with the blood of patriots. It is about what we *do* with that system – how we honor that sacrifice. In my heart, I believe we honor it by choosing people to lead us who truly have our nation’s best interest at heart. Not just here at home, not just in terms of our own economic well-being, or our individual issues… but in terms of who we are at our core as a nation and our role on the world stage.

I voted not for the man who shared my views on specific questions or issues – but for the man who, I believed, truly had America in his heart. I will never apologize or be shamed for having supported Mitt Romney – a good and decent human being who could have done great things for this country – and I will never accept anyone else’s interpretation of what my vote “meant” when compared to their agenda or their own wishes and desires. (And yes, there were those tried to tell me what a vote for Romney “meant.”)

My vote was my own and I did not take the process or my choice lightly. I have serious concerns about the direction Mr. Obama is taking this country, and I will not be silent in my criticism or – should he earn it – my praise.

I believe that I will eventually cheer the hell up. For now, I need a drink. And some chocolate.

Oh and P.S. – Dick Morris can officially suck it.

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