The pawns are revolting

It’s refreshing to see and hear about people standing up and refusing to be used as pawns by the increasingly dishonest Obama campaign and its many supporting factions. Here are a few examples from just the past few days that really stand out:

Linda Morrison – an Illinois woman who asked a simple question of Paul Ryan at a rally in Iowa, and got a straight answer that satisfied her… but who was then characterized as having called Ryan out by the Obama campaign. Linda responded with a letter to the editor of the Quad City Times, and appeared on “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren, to clarify what really happened.

Sesame Workshop – While an administration-wide cover-up of the terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi is unraveling right before their eyes, the Obama campaign spends precious time and resources focusing on a trumped-up war on Big Bird. They even go so far as to use clips of the popular Sesame Street character in an anti-Romney ad. But the non-profit organization that actually owns Sesame Street, Big Bird, and all associated characters trademarks asks them to knock it the hell off, since they are a non-profit organization that doesn’t participate in political campaigns. (Kinda have to wonder why Planned Parenthood hasn’t managed to distance itself in a similar fashion.)

Stacey Dash – Miss Dash, an actress and reality television celebrity, recently Tweeted her support for Mitt Romney and was immediately vilified by Obama supporters who told her – among other things – that she wasn’t black enough, that she should kill herself, and much much worse. Miss Dash quietly stood above the fray, and simply reiterated that she was entitled to her opinion, even in the face of comments like this: “YOU MAKE ME SICK U A NIGGA IN A COWBOY HAT DON’T SEEM LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT BLACKS EITHER. GODDAMN TRAITOR.”

I would love to be able to add a fourth example here – I’d like to see the AP photographer who was shooting Romney’s impromptu visit with Virginia school children call out the photo editor for gross malpractice.

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