Mr. President: I’m not gullible. I just don’t like you.

In the aftermath of the first Presidential debate, we’ve been treated to all kinds of excuses that attempt to explain the President’s abysmal performance. These have run the gamut from the plausible (he didn’t prepare enough) to the ridiculous (he was affected by the altitude) to the downright insulting (he’s too smart to do well in a debate).

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being mocked by a President who is supposed to represent me. Too smart to do well in a debate – as if I should therefore just accept his words and deeds because his plan must be beyond my ability to comprehend.

This is exactly the same tactic he used to spin America’s disgust with his stimulus plan, where he said he didn’t do a good enough job ‘selling it’ to the American people.

No, it’s not that Mr. Obama didn’t talk enough – certainly, more words are not going to make a bad idea suddenly seem good. I am not that gullible.

What I am – is completely against the things this President stand for: big government, government seizure of entire industries, government oversight of personal liberties, and the “world view” which says we should even the economic playing field by redistributing the personal wealth of those who have earned it, and by bringing America down rather than lifting other nations up.

So, no: it’s not that he’s too smart to do well in a debate. And it’s certainly not that the altitude threw him off his game. It’s that he under-estimated his opponent, and so he didn’t prepare. The fact that he came out looking like an idiot is sweet, sweet justice for those who are tired of having their intelligence insulted by a sheltered, arrogant President who’s acting like he no longer even wants the job.

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