How Romney should respond when the 47 percent comment comes up… and it will

There’s a lot of talk about what’s to be expected at the Presidential debate on October 16. Chief among the possibilities is that President Obama will be more aggressive against Governor Romney, saying the things his supporters wish he’d said the first time around. While I personally feel that the moment has passed to address Romney’s “47 percent” remark that came to light earlier this Fall, it’s highly likely it will resurface in the second debate.

For the record, the moment the President brings this up I think Romney should strike back forcefully. So here’s my “fantasy transcript” that I hope to see following the first mention of the “47 percent” line after the October 16 debate:

Thank you, Mr. President for the opportunity to explain what the press has dubbed my ’47 percent’ remark. A couple of comments if I may.

First of all, polls show that you currently have support from about 47 percent of likely voters. You’ve been hovering around this number for several months now, within a few percentage points in poll after poll. So, 47 percent is a fairly accurate statement of the level of support you have, and historically have had, throughout this campaign.

Secondly, as you know from having listened to the unauthorized recording of my remarks, I was speaking to potential donors about how our campaign resources would be allocated. When I said that it wasn’t my job to care about these voters, I meant only that I would not be focusing my resources on them because they are wholly committed to you and your programs. I’m certain there are entire voting blocs to whom you have likewise not targeted your resources for the same reason: because you believe them to be solidly in my camp.

Where I was wrong in my remarks, was to say that the whole 47 percent are entirely dependent upon our government for their quality of life and have lost the motivation to take action that might lift themselves out of the entitlement culture. You know as well as I do, Mr. President, that this core exists. They have lived their lives – probably from the beginning – in a state of hopeless dependence. They are conditioned by decades of entitlement to only ask, ‘What can my country do for me?’

The good news is that I was incorrect to suggest that the entire 47 percent of Americans who support you fall into this category. While it is a tragic situation no matter what the number, this is in fact only about (10) percent of our population. I not only sincerely apologize for that error, but I vow to do everything in my power to restore hope and re-instill for these Americans the fierce desire for independence.

So, Mr. President, if you wish to go down the road of claiming that my remarks were anything other than what I have clarified here, that they were somehow coldly spoken to divide our nation, hear me now: I am prepared to offer up example after example of your own hateful, divisive rhetoric from the past four years, where you have done nothing but wage class warfare, pitted Americans against Americans, and ensured that everywhere you go, people are left with the message that success is to be punished, wealth is to be seized, and that the wealthy are somehow shirking their duties in caring for their less-successful brethren.

If you want to go there, I am ready. If not, I simply say this to the American people: wherever you fall in the socio-economic spectrum, it will be my life’s highest honor to represent you as your President.

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