Hey Libya, you didn’t build that!

Okay this is why I believe that the current US administration does not have America’s best interests at heart: this double-standard they have toward our own economic recovery, vs. the economic recovery in other nations.

Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks at the G-8 Deauville Partnership gathering of Arab ministers in New York show clearly that she and the Obama Administration believe that small businesses in Libya and other “transitioning nations” are a strong enough economic engine that they deserve to be unshackled by regulation. Fair enough, if it weren’t for their words and deeds at home, where they prove time and again that small businesses in the United States deserve to be saddled with the costs of massive programs like Obamacare.

I also find this comment interesting: “And, when people have the opportunity to unleash their talents and create something of their own, they are more invested in their communities…”

Um excuse me… since when does this administration believe that business owners create something of their own? Mr. Obama has made it abundantly clear that small business owners do not build something of their own – what they build is only possible because of government largesse, and its profits need to be regulated and re-distributed among those who haven’t built anything.

Clinton’s remarks are a great example of why it’s clear: this Administration’s world view is completely contrary to the world view of the people they represent and those they pretend to govern. They are moving us in a dangerous direction, giving away America’s greatest gifts while brow-beating their people at home with the weaponry of class warfare.

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