Thoughts on Akin’s rape comments

I really don’t get all the exploding liberal and feminist heads over comments made about rape by Todd Akin. I personally had also heard, years ago, that the physiology of “terror” could impact the likelihood of pregnancy during rape (i.e., chemicals could be released during a terrifying experience that would create a hostile environment in the womb) – much like the physiology of, say, an emergency situation releases adrenalin. It sounded completely plausible to me, and it still does. Perhaps, in the years since the hypothesis was first proposed, research has not borne it out. That doesn’t make me, or Mr. Akin, a soldier in the trumped up “war on women” – it just means our information is incomplete. Even so, I may have been compelled at some point to share what I had heard, especially if asked directly what I thought. (I can only hope there would have been a scientifically,-enlightened liberal in the room to set me straight.)

As for the phrase “legitimate rape” – when a man overpowers a woman and forces her to have sex against her will (terrorizes her), that is legitimate rape, wouldn’t you say? (Or as Whoopi Goldberg might say, “rape rape.”) On the other hand, if a woman has consensual sex and then wakes up with deep regret the next day and falsely accuses her partner of rape, well that’s ILLEGITIMATE rape – wouldn’t you say?

So to me, what Mr. Akin was saying was something I might have said myself: that in a truly terrifying (legitimate) rape situation, a woman’s body might do something to make pregnancy unlikely. Because I had heard the same theory, and because I could immediately think of examples of both legitimate and illegitimate rape, I really did not give the matter another thought.

Just as liberals accused conservatives of “hearing what they wanted to hear” when Obama told business owners “You didn’t build that – somebody else did,” now they are likewise hearing only what they want to hear in Todd Akin’s remarks. The hypocrisy – again – is outstanding.

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