These kids today

Dear Lord, I do NOT want to be one of those people who goes around wondering “What is it with these kids today?” But I can’t help myself.

I had an experience recently that made me indescribably angry. Turns out it is not an isolated incident, as a story just this week in the Register shows.

I was driving home from work north along 2nd Avenue. I was going with the flow of traffic, about 40 mph, but the speed limit on this stretch is 30 mph. I took note of my speed and slowed down, because the PD frequently runs radar along here. There was a green and silver pickup truck right on my bumper, impatient to get around me. At the first opportunity, the driver zips out and speeds around me, and I look over to give them a dirty look as they go by. At that point, a kid – a kid about ten years old! – gives me the finger as they drive by.

I was so p*ssed at this little cretin having the nerve to do that with an adult I assumed to be his parent driving the truck. As karma would have it, we both got stopped at the red light a couple blocks further up the street. So I, in my infinite wisdom, yelled out my window “DID YOU SEE YOUR SON GIVE ME THE FINGER? THAT’S PRETTY COOL WHAT YOU TAUGHT HIM!” And the kid turns to the adult, then laughs, and then as we both pull away from the light he does it again.

I was livid when I got home. And now today I read about a teen girl giving an adult man the same gesture when he told her not to litter, and her dad comes over to beat the crap out of the guy for “daring” to school his daughter!!


Editor’s note: This post originally appeared in September, 2007. I am still quite annoyed by other people’s children, although my own, of course, is perfect. Seriously, she is.

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