I finally get what Bluetooth is

Anita Campbell is my hero. With one simple sentence she has cleared up a mystery that’s been dogging me for at least the last two new-cellphone cycles: What exactly is Bluetooth?

To quote the brilliant simplicity of Anita’s definition: “Bluetooth creates a personal wireless cloud around you.”

Oh, I should point out that her tech column this week in Inc. Technology is about Bluetooth becoming more affordable as an option in mid-priced automobiles – you know, the ones we normal folks can afford? But the real value of Anita’s column for me is simply in the fact that she’s made me understand what legions of cellphone salesmen and millions spent in advertising couldn’t communicate: the reason I should be excited about “Bluetooth technology.”

And now I want… no, I must have… my own personal wireless cloud, so that I too can walk down the street and appear as though I’m talking to my invisible friend. (Haven’t New Yorkers had a name for this for a long time?)

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared in May, 2007. Yes, it took me that long to understand a pretty simple technological concept. I know.

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