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This week I’m reading Clinton & Me, the White House memoir by political comedy writer Mark Katz (”the guy who made Mike Dukakis funny”), who tried to help Bill Clinton understand the value of self-deprecating humor by writing jokes, sound-bites, and one-liners for the former President.

Katz’s book is wonderful – he writes on target about being one of those bright and funny kids who, thanks to Watergate and Saturday Night Live, were political satirists by the age of ten, long before they even knew what it meant to be one. You’ll have to pick up the book to get a taste of Katz’s Democratic humor; here’s my Republican effort for today:

These Democrats and their flip-flopping. I feel sorry for them – in his short time on the campaign trail, John Kerry’s had to cover more waffles than Mrs. Butterworth.

New York’s Republican Congressman, Peter King, is celebrating the release of his third novel, Vale of Tears, with local book signings and a 37,685th place position on’s best-seller list. King said he’s not disappointed in the Amazon showing, noting that his primary competition is another work of New York Congressional fiction – Hillary Clinton’s Living History.

Editors’s note: This post was originally published on my now-defunct blog, in May, 2004. I’m pretty sure the book is still funny.

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