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This just in, ladies: a person isn’t a person until it’s BORN. That “wiggling” feeling you get during pregnancy, the one doctors always explain as being “the baby kicking”?? It must be something else, because the National Organization for Women is reaffirming that unless a baby’s born, it’s not a life.

I’m not surprised, quite frankly – but I’m sick and disgusted. The Morris County, New Jersey chapter of NOW has come out against the prospect of prosecutors in Modesto, California seeking double murder charges against Scott Peterson on the grounds that the unborn baby Laci Peterson was carrying does not qualify as a life.

This from the Morris County, New Jersey Daily Record:

“‘He was wanted and expected, and (Laci Peterson) had a name for him, but if he wasn’t born, he wasn’t born. It sets a kind of precedent,’ (Morris County NOW President Mavra) Stark said, adding that the issue was ‘just something I’ve been ruminating on.'”

Stark needs to pull her head out of her ass before she continues ruminating. The “it” she’s referring to is the notion that if the death of Connor Peterson can be prosecuted as a murder, then he must have been a living person. That, of course, is a VERY dangerous precedent for the debate over the legal version of baby-killing, abortion.

Stark’s comments reek with the stench of the perpetually unanswered question, “When does life begin?” Obviously Stark believes that life begins – your life becomes protectable by the courts – only after you’re born, despite the fact that a nine-month fetus looks just the same OUT of the womb as it looks moments before birth when it’s still legally killable. They will fight for your right as a woman to kill your unborn baby up to and including the moment of its birth, but once the baby’s out, well then it’s a life and its killer can be brought up on murder charges.

This ranks right up there with allowing women to abort their babies as late as their ninth month, but then prosecuting them if they leave their newborn to starve in a dumpster. One baby’s “more human”, more of a LIFE, than the other? This is utter bullshit, a distinction made to further and protect the cause of protecting women from the legal trappings of a murder charge if they should decide they do not need to have a baby just now.

And what’s more, it’s heart-breaking. TWO bodies were found in that lake, yet only one of them can be considered a murder? I don’t know how one can look down on two human bodies and honestly say, “this one’s death should go unpunished.”

I’d like to see the women of NOW make a pilgrimmage to California to observe the autopsy on Connor Peterson, so they can see once and for all that all the makings of a life were there: body, brain, heart, arms, legs, fingers, toes – and THEN step back in front of the microphone and proclaim that he was less of a human than his mother. Of course this won’t happen, because they are simply afraid to see – afraid to see his soul, and afraid to see just how absurd their position is.

Oh and by the way, Stark has ALSO jumped on the “Scott Peterson is guilty” bandwagon the media have created. Yes, Peterson’s been charged, which my former Police Chief of a husband says doesn’t happen unless the State believes they have an airtight case. And granted he’s just about the guiltiest-acting dude I’ve seen since OJ Simpson loaded that disguise into his Bronco. But the fact remains, the burden of proof is not on Peterson to prove he didn’t do it, it’s on the State of California to prove that he DID. As shifty as Peterson’s actions are making him look, Stark and others should refrain from so blatantly passing judgment until the verdict’s actually in.

“I’d like to see them string him up any way they can,” The Daily Record quoted Stark as saying. Apparently what she means is, “any way they can unless it undermines our agenda to allow women to legally murder their unborn children.”

Editor’s note: This rant originally appeared on my first blog, “A Blogger Looks at Forty,” in 2003. I was hopping mad then, and I’m hopping mad now. I don’t think the debate over when life begins will ever be conceded by those who refuse to see.

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