War Correspondence II

All this false reporting about and from Iraq is starting to get me down, but I do think we should cut that Iraqi information minister some slack. I mean, we all were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he was pushing his propaganda prior to our arrival – he was helping Saddam rally the troops, giving the people ‘hope’ that their tyrannical, murderous dictator was still in power, blah blah blah. That’s all part of war, and certainly our own American journalists have perpetrated similar acts of morale-boostage during our news coverage.

Then we switched gears and began to question his credibility when he was STILL insisting there were no coalition forces in town even as a US Marine was asking him point-blank during a press conference, “Sir, SIR… OVER HERE.” But last night I found out why he was doing that – turns out Saddam Hussein has a long history of (here’s a shocker) SHOOTING THE MESSENGER.

Now let’s be honest, if you were the spokesman for a crazed, power-hungry dictator who has proven time and again how adept he is at shooting people who say things he doesn’t want to hear – wouldn’t you be just a tad nervous about going on his personal TV station and screaming, “Arrrggg!!! The infidels are in our city – RUN!!!” So give the guy a break – he might be a murderous tyrant-enabler, but he probably just wants to get home to his family.

That’s not the only bizarre reporting going on in the war, either. I don’t know where the hell Swaziland is, but turns out THEIR “man in Baghdad” has not been in Baghdad at all – he’s been broadcasting his war reports from inside a broom closet at the Swaziland tv station, and is now under investigation for filing false reports.

Oh – HERE is Swaziland. No wonder the guy’s in a broom closet.

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